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                Solenoid Valve Series
                Control Valve Series
                Pneumatic Valve Series
                Electric Valve Series
                Angle Seat Valve Series
                Y-type Filter Series
                Traps Valve Series
                Pressure Reducing Valve

                Wenzhou Longjiu Valve Technology Co.,Ltd. is an earlier production of solenoid valves, adjust one of the valve manufacturers.Our company has now developed into a research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service, engineering, installation, technical advice on the integration of high-tech enterprises.Over the years, LongJiu Valve reliable performance, a variety of product categories, complete product specifications and a high price, good service, has won the trust of our customers.

                Our company's products are widely used in air, gas, steam, water, oil

                Our corporate culture,
                is not only a long-term presence of the power pool staff,
                but also allow enterprises to remain invincible in the fierce competition pillar.
                Our business continues to grow,
                achievements of this business to a group of people,
                achievements of a group of people in this
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